Saturday, May 28, 2016

Missing the Fun

Washington state park, On the big river in Missouri


It's Memorial Day Weekend and everyone I know has left town for their first fun filled weekend of summer. Hubby and I are stuck at home because my broken wrist and ribs do not allow me to do anything that could cause more injury. It has been six weeks since my fall and my face is still swollen but the purple has gone away. The cast came off on Friday and I now have eight more weeks in a wrist brace. I'm slowing getting back to normal and can once again type with both hands. So perhaps hubby will no longer have to listen to this Kranky Granny complaining.

The above shot was taken on the Big River at Washington State Park ( located on the eastern edge of the Ozarks) by a friend. I am using it with permission for this week's Pink Saturday Meme. Click the link below to check out what others are sharing this holiday weekend.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Out Of Commission For a While

On April 20th I fell on one of these parking bumpers lengthwise.

braking my wrist 
broke my wrist

and messing up the left side of my body, including my face, shoulder, and knee. and my right thumb and knee.

part of my face on day one

I will be away from blogging while things heal.