Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"The Good Rain, like the Bad Preacher, does not know when to leave off." .....Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Weather is a big issue for a lot of the country and it is hitting far too close to home.  Three days of constant heavy rain has many parts of the state covered with flood waters.  Over fifty roads in our area have been closed including parts of Interstate 44.  We have six towns in our county alone that have become islands with boats the only way to enter or leave.  I live in the largest town in the county and it sits beside the Missouri River.  My home is only fourteen blocks from the riverfront.  While friends and neighbors have been helping to sandbag the businesses downtown, Hubby and I have been sucking water out of our basement, but that is minor compared to the people who have lost their jobs or had to flee their homes because of the flooding. 

Our local newspaper claims the city has been spared from Major Damage. But, that is not what the photos from my Facebook friends and their stories are telling me.  This next photo is of the Noah's Ark restaurant that was built in a neighboring county back in the sixties.   It was torn down in 2000. The punch line of a joke that has been going around is, "I bet we'll all be sorry we tore the ark down." Even during these hard times, we still have a sense of humor.



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  1. You know, that's what I love about Americana. While the media salivates for those who riot (and worse) in other cities, folks like you've described pull up their shirt sleeves and do what needs to be done.