Tuesday, February 9, 2016


What I write on this blog are not works of fiction. Should I ever decide to do so I will note it as such.  It is snippet's of my life story told as I remember living it.  There are some among my family members who will swear on the Bible that some of these events never happened.  A few will tell you I can’t help but exaggerate or embellish and everything I say should be taken with a box full of salt.  There are some of my siblings who would, if asked, willingly add their stories to mine and even I would be shocked by how much of our shared lives I was completely unaware of, or perhaps still simply refuse to remember.  

I thought I had done a decent job of burying most of my past life, and my unpleasant dreams until I was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.  Then, all my demons returned.  Undoubtedly caused by the emotional strain the cancer treatments put on both my body and my marriage.  That is when I started to write my autobiography.  Excerpts of which I am posting here for feedback. 

“Why am I writing this book?” is a question I still struggle with.  But, the best answer I can give is that I hope by doing so I would, once and for all, merge the events of my dreams into the Swiss cheese holes in my conscious memory; thereby banishing the fitful and sometimes nightmarish dreams that still haunt my sleep.

I am a coward where conflict is concerned so that is why I started "Kranky Granny".  It is the only way I can be assured the feelings of everyone I write about will be protected and that I will not find myself in a courtroom or banished from all future family functions.   To date I have only used the real names of people I have written about  if I know that they would not be angered or embarrassed by my writings.  I have and will continue to make the subjects of my tales anonymous where possible.  Occasionally, where a name is necessary  I may use a pseudonym for someone in one of my stories.  Any resemblance the names I've chosen for my characters may have to any living or deceased person is purely just dumb luck.  I assure you I will not choose names of people have a memory of ever having met.      

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  1. I think it's a good thing to write about our lives. Speaking for myself, it seems like a good way to validate they way I thought about many things.