Saturday, April 2, 2016

Shadow Shots

This was my lucky week for photos of shadows.  They are not something I have had many opportunities to photograph lately. Not sure if it has been due to the lousy weather or my not being observant. But, today I have a twofer to share.   


The crabapple tree that sits in front of our living room window has just gone from full blooms to being leafed out.  I opened my front door one morning to find its shadow on the front walkway.  

We went to our favorite local cafe for lunch.  It is always a busy place at that time of day.  As we were waiting to be seated I looked out the window into the sallyport and noticed the shadow of the front door reflected on the opposite window blinds.  I even managed to get hubby's profile in this shot as well.  

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  1. Nice shadows. Confession: I had never heard the term sally port. Looked it up; always good to learn something new.

    1. Gayle, sorry I should probably have used the tern entryway. But, after years of being married to a man who is both retired Military and law enforcement that word has become ingrained into my lexicon.

  2. I too wondered about sallyport. Good to know. Great contrast of shadow settings - natural and man-built.

  3. I love the first one very much - beautifully done.
    Have aHappy Day!
    Peace :)