Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Durant Ashmore and the curse of the Bradford Pear Tree

When I moved into my current townhouse the street that ran beside my building was lined with Bradford Pear trees with gorgeous blooms each spring.  Then the city pulled them all out to put in sidewalks.  How I missed those trees. I felt lucky that there were still many around my town and in the city parks to satisfy my love of those pretty spring blossoms.

Today, I open my Facebook to find some guy named Durant Ashmore cursing all white bloomings trees as an ecological nightmare, that is getting worse and worse every year. Mr. Ashmore claims the Bradford Pear is a blight worse than Kudzu. You will find his article here:http://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/life/2016/03/21/curse-bradford-pear/82070210/ apparently he has been espousing the evils of this tree for years.  He says that if we want to save the world you must “cut down your Bradford pear treesnow.

Granted I’m not very well informed on trees. Mr. Ashmore may be right.  Perhaps I am one of those “dimwitted landscapers” he talks about.  I just know what I enjoy seeing as I travel around the area each spring.  So until the rest of world gets on board with his ideas and wipes the Bradford Pear Tree off the planet I will continue to enjoy those that I find blooming in my travels each spring. 

In fact, I stopped to photograph this Bradford Pear lined drive, over the Easter weekend, in a small town about ten miles from me.  

Just for the heck of it here are a few more shots of flowering trees I snapped this spring.

This tree was captured in my brother-in-law's backyard

This is a white blooming cherry tree in my side yard. 

Close up of our Cherry Tree 

Photographed these on the corner by our polling place when we went to vote on 3-15-2016.

While this is not a white flowing tree it is one of my favorite shots this spring.  

This tree is in the yard of a house we once considered buying. 

Hope you continue to enjoy your white flowering trees 
while you can. 


  1. I think the author of that post just might be a crackpot! I, too, love the Bradford pear tree

  2. What she said! (lol)
    I don't recall ever having seen a Bradford Pear tree, but these photos are stunning!

  3. I would love to know the truth of the matter...One thing for sure, if they do pollinate other trees, it is only changing the seed of their fruit...Any tree that grew from such fruit would be affected..And I think that trees growing from that fruit probably does not happen often. But I don't know it for sure. I just know I worked at an apple orchard for 19 years, and there was not a lot of little apple trees springing up from fruit that dropped on the ground. Not even in areas where we dumped the pulp from making cider. And that was full of seeds.