Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It Only Took Seventy Years

 Over the Easter weekend, I did something I have never done before.  Something that most school children in my area get to do in middle school.  I visited our state capital in Jefferson City, Missouri. 

Sure, I have studied the history, seen zillions of photos and  driven close enough on many occasions to see the dome in the distance but never actually took the time to drive up to the building and put my feet on the ground and walk around the area.   Actually, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that it took me almost seventy years to make this trip. I moved in the middle of six grade and got cought in the waiting for spring/we already did that in the fall situation that caused me to miss out on the field trip.   

I have been to the first seat of state government located at Third and Vine Streets in St. Louis and once lived within a few blocks of the second one at Main and Morgan Streets in St. Charles.  But, this was my first visit to the present capital building that was occupied in 1918.  This is the third building to be built in that location.  The other two were destroyed by fire, the first in 1837 and the second in 1911. 

The capitals dome rises 238 feet above ground level and is topped by a bronze statue of Ceres the Roman goddess of agriculture.  I hate to admit it but I was a little disappointed.  I expected the dome to be more colorful.  Perhaps have some gold that would sparkle in the sun like some of the other state capitals I have visited.  It is however very impressive when you catch that first view off in the distance. The stone for the exterior is a dense marble mined in Carthage, Missouri. Some of the finer details have eroded after 90 years of freeze/thaw cycles but it is still impressive.  The state has committed monies to study restoration and prevent further deterioration.

If you are ever in my state don’t follow my lead and skip visiting the Capital Building.  It is a remarkable place and worth the time to see.   Hope you enjoy the following photos.

Government Building

View of the Missouri River

Memorial to fallen law enforcement officers

Bradford Pear Tree tunnel

Thomas Jefferson at South Entrance.

St. Peters Church across the street from the Capital

Governors residence in the distance.

A Karl Bitter bronze relief, depicting the signing of the Louisiana Purchase
 by Livingston
, Monroe and Marbois

another view of the river

copy of the Liberty Bell

Figure from the Fountain of the Centaurs, created by A.A. Weinman

Forsythia bushes lining the grounds

Looking at the dome through two difference flowering trees.

Stone columns

Eight stone monuments honoring Missourian who died in eight different wars.

Family studying the Ten Commandments.

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  1. I was a fully grown woman with kids before I ever visited my state capitol. I should take my grandkids up there for a visit. I know they would like it. Very nice pictures!!