Saturday, February 15, 2014

I wish

I wish……..

photo courtsey of Flickr
folks would stop thinking that because I live on a corner lot they can use their time at the stop sign to deposit the litter from their car into my yard. 

I could do in real life all the things that I do in my dreams.

I had not canceled my newspaper subscription because today someone called to say a photo of my garden, covered in snow, was published on the front page and I could not find a copy anywhere. 

I had felt loved as a child.  Perhaps now I would not feel the need to run for chili cheese fries when things get  …. Well hurtful.  

internet photo
Car designers would actually design an interior to please a busy woman… And I don’t mean doing the vase of flowers on the dashboard thing.  

My 88 yr. old mother would stop using the phrase “old age is not for sissies” and “life gets tedious” in the same sentence a dozen times a day.  I’m getting old and it is starting to hit too close to home.  

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