Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Kranky List

Here are just a few of the things that made me cranky this week:

 Seems that no matter where I go shopping all I see is pudgy girls in low-rise skinny jeans.  I wish someone would invent a camera that allowed others to see themselves as others see them.
  I got a virus (me not my computer) and spent three days feeling bad and one of the three in bed.  Hubby caught my bug and it became a ten-day nightmare with two trips to the doctor and an endless round of observations about how he took better care of me when I was sick, then I was taking care of him.  Why are men such bad patients?  

I have a seventeen-year-old grandson who is applying to colleges.  I am out to dinner with friends and get a panic call from his parents.  They have been waiting in line for hours at a college open house. When they finally got to the registration table, the first thing asked was their son's Social Security number, which they didn't know.   Whenever anything like this happens they resort to a tried and true solution, call Mom she will fix it. Not only did my daughter expect me to have his SSN she expected me to either have it memorized or stored on my person. When I didn't have the answer my dear daughter didn't see any problem with asking me to leave my friends and drive home to search for the info she wanted.  After all, they had waited "hours" to register their son.  The fact that they had not bothered to find out what they might need up front so they could be prepared had no bearing on the issue.  I was once again the bad guy.

We had a windstorm yesterday evening with 60-mile gusts made worse by the fact that we live on top of a hill.  When it was over, the awning over the patio was in tatters and our yard was littered with the singles that were once protecting our roof.  Plus, a large nail-studded tar soaked sheet of roofing liner landed on the hood of our car.  Needless to say, none of it is pretty and I fear what the repair will cost.  Looks like today will be spent dealing with the cleanup.  Of course, rain is forecast tomorrow.

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  1. Yikes, Rita ... that windstorm you mention sounds like a micro-burst. Hopefully, those winds blew away all the bad juju and your lives will return to normal again?

    Pudgy or not, I sooooo dislike the low-rise look. Well that, and it seems like designers are turning out shorter blouses. $grab to save a few cents-per-piece - then make everyone believe that's the greatest look to ever come along? Suspicious old sort, aren't I?

    Wishing you a smooth new week!