Friday, January 15, 2016

Heard Enough

Yes, Maxine, I’m in total agreement with you.  I have also heard enough, read enough and seen enough of some topics to last me the rest of my life.  

  I learned long ago that some subjects are best not discussed in public (and especially with family) so I wish folks would learn how to apply that advice to social media.  Perhaps then I would not want to unfriend so many people.  
I recently read about the Druid Hills Academy in Charlotte, N.C. where officials are banning teachers from using   the word “PLEASE.”  Their goal is to make so-called “bratty kids” behave.  It’s called “No-Nonsense Nurturing,” where teachers give kids concise, clear instructions in a format called  M.V.P. meaning movement, voice and participation.  

In my day the Nun’s would just throw an eraser at you or pull out their ruler,  and I guarantee you would not misbehave again.  Oh How times have changed. And, not always for the better in my book.  I have said many times how glad I am  I was born in the era I was.  I would not want to be a child or raising children in this current age.   I believe that old adage " Sometimes the old ways are best"  still holds true in many situations.     
And lastly, I'm so glad that at the Powerball frenzy is over.  Thrilled for the winners but doing the happy dance because I will no longer have to listen to all the news reports it generated.  And yes, I did buy a ticket. And yes, I did think about what I would do with all that money.   

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