Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aga's and clouds.

Came across a couple of photos today that I want to share.

How did we ever live before the internet?

The person who posted this photo stated this was proof that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Personally, I think it is just proof that the government buried it below the pavement of the freeway and the DOT has been assigned to make sure it will never be dug up.  What do you think?


Every night on the local weather report, I hear about Cirrus, Cumulus and Cumulonimbus clouds.  When are they going tell us the other thirteen forms of clouds, that include the ones pictured above?  While many are calling them names like Butt Clouds or Angle Butt Clouds they are actually Mammatus Clouds.  The term Mammatus is latin meaning "Breast Clouds."  With all the time I spent as a child on my back staring at the sky I wonder why I never see these?  Or, any of the ones shaped like a pig, dinosaur, flying saucer, praying hands or atomic blast or those other weird shapes showing up on my PC? Guess I have to blame Photoshop.  

I have been wanting one of these Aga stoves ever since I saw the first one on a British TV show years ago.  Today I learned that they start at $13,000 for one that is half the size of this one.  My choice would be over $25,000 and use four times the energy of a normal stove.  The only upside is they will heat an entire tiny house in winter.  The downside is they also triple the AC bill each summer.  So why are they so popular in England where some have been in use for decades.  They have a life span of over fifty years, by the way.  

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