Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sharing my Day

This morning my Mother and I had appointments to see our Doctor.   Our medical building is a large complex. A large dining and sitting area with a small deli is on the ground floor near the entrance. As we waited for the elevator I looked over and saw the gentleman below.   As far as photography goes, I have long been a collector of pictures of men wearing great hats, tee shirts with interesting statements and great beards.  This guy had them all.  But to keep from interrupting the group meeting that seemed to be going on I opted for the two that I could snap incognito.  

My Mother had come for a follow-up after her hospitalization last week.  I, on the other hand, had rescheduled my physical so many times that the doctor refused to refill my meds without my seeing him.  So, I got chewed out  by the doctor.  He said my recovery time was over and I had to stop spending so much time indoors and start getting more exercise. He ordered me to start walking for thirty minutes a day.  My mother happens to live across from a city park that contains this lake.   

After hubby and I dropped Mom at home, we decided to stop and take a walk around the lake.  If you have a magnifying glass you can see my mother's house in the upper right corner of the photo behind the lakeside amphitheater building.  

This honking guy was only a few feet from our parking spot and would not stop talking to us as we passed by.  It has been almost a year since I was able to walk around this lake and I noticed some changes had been made in our absence.  One was new benches scattered around the shoreline.  Each bench was placed there by family members in memory of a loved one   Most just had the name of the deceased.  Some would also say "in loving memory of. . ." and a few included the names of the family members who had donated the bench.  

I had to photograph this one because that third line got to me.  I did not know this gentleman but I knew of him.  He had served on our city council for a while.  


  1. I'm fascinated to know how you manage 'incognito' photos! Part paparazzi, are you? (*smile*)

    Wish I could walk that lake with you. I've tried the neighborhood and workplace on my noon break, but it's sooooo boring! Love the idea of memorial benches; so much friendlier than granite or brick.

    1. Can never be incognito when I carry around my big old Canon, but cell phones make it easy to get close an make no noise. Would love to show you our town someday. You have an open invitation, my friend.

  2. That is a cool shirt and hat!
    I did see your mom's house. What a great view she has.
    Keep walking!