Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm back and sassy

Well, readers, it has taken nine months to get me back to battery, as my hubby would say.   A previous post informed you of my fall last April. Long story shortened, I had more injuries than originally listed.  Turns out I did major damage to my neck and ended up having to have spinal fusion surgery.  Three discs were replaced with cadaver bone plus lots of metal held with screws. According to my surgeon, I was a sneeze are two away from becoming a quadriplegic.  

Just got released from the awful brace I was wearing, the pain is gone and the paralysis in my hands has changed to an annoying numbness I can live with.  So I'm back and I'm sassy.  Who wouldn't be after so many months of being housebound and requiring help with every little thing! And, almost nothing on the television that wasn't political in nature.  I've almost lost my mind.   So Watch out, Kranky Granny is raring for some excitement.  


  1. It's sooooo good to 'see' you again! That owl is a panic!
    Don't go raring too fast or too hard, OK?

  2. Welcome back. When people disappear from my Feedly list I never know whether to write and say I'm thinking of you" or what -- am always afraid that a note will be seen as pressure to make a post.

    I am so sorry you've been housebound and ill and I'm so glad you're better and back to being sassy.

  3. Hey! Glad to see you back and sorry that your injuries were so serious.
    I wouldn't expect you to be anything but sassy!