Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kranky Me

 When I setup this blog, I had several names in mind all of which were not available.  I was stumped, then suddenly “Kranky Granny”  just popped into my head.  No idea why.  But I have to admit that it's rapidly becoming the truth. 

Lately, it seems that no matter what I do or where I go something has to disrupt my peace of mind, wear on my nerves, make me wish I could give someone a good tongue lashing or a nice wallop upside their head.  I am certainly becoming a cranky old lady.  

Here are just a few of the things that made me cranky this week:
  • Why is it that almost every TV program I  watch has the background music so loud that I have trouble hearing the dialog? 
  • Don’t they train cashiers anymore? I don’t like having my items tossed willy-nilly in the sacks. Cold items should be together, chemicals not mixed with food, bottles stood right-side up and not lying on their side, clothes should be somewhat folded, bags should be weight balanced and able to stand upright.  Is that asking too much?  
  • Why must my phone always stop ringing the moment I finally get it fished out of my pocket or purse? 
  • Twice a year the city mails out notices with the rules for our weekly trash collection.  Why do I have to live near the one person who refuses to obey those rules and blocks my mailbox, every single day, with his rubbish?
  • Am I the only person who never gets the right order when using the drive-thru at my favorite fast food restaurant?  
Then perhaps I have no reason to complain.  At least, I didn't have a porcupine fall off a lamp-post onto my head like this poor Brazilian woman leaving her with 272 quills in her scalp.   

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  1. You do sound like me. Sometimes (more often than not) every little thing gets on my last nerve. I am becoming more and more intolerant every day.