Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Day One under Obamacare

Hubby gave the Navy thirty years, 23 of which were sea-duty. That may account for his being somewhat the worse for wear now.  It did give us a military sponsored medicare supplement so we are not affected by Obamacare for the present.  Even so, we do notice what is happening to those around us who are affected.

Hubby had an appointment late today for his annual breathing test since he has COPD. This morning a nurse called to ask if he could come in early, because all the other patients had canceled their appointments.

When he arrived at the clinic, the nurse told him that he would be her only patient today whose test was not affected by the health care changes. All the other scheduled patients had lost their regular insurance due to Obamacare and couldn't afford the new insurance.  One gentleman said that his wife had died and he had to choose between paying for his test or burying his wife.  Of course, he chose to bury his wife.  The nurse also said that due to the loss of patients she was being sent home when she finished his test to save on payroll.  The nurse feared this would not be a one-time event and worried about how the lost wages would affect her family.    

It is sad that  people who worked hard all their lives now find they make just a little too much to get a break on the insurance they are offered under Obamacare but they don't make enough to afford it.  Why are some people getting insurance for the first time while others are losing the only policy they can afford.  Are we robbing Peter to pay Paul?


  1. So pleased you are blogging again. Thanks for letting us know. As for Obama Care - I'm at sea with this. I hadn't realised its introduction would mean some people would lose their insurance but thought it was purely to make sure everyone is covered. We are so lucky in the UK that we have a National Health Service. Without it I would be dead several times over. I've a suspicion that its faults (and everything has faults) are mentioned more abroad than its many and essential (to us) virtues. One of my greatest wishes for the USA is that it will overcome its prejudices, realise what a great idea it is and introduce something similar.

  2. Oh, please don't get me started on this SOB and his heathcare reforms. (Oops, should I go into the blogger witness-protection program myself?)
    Just wanted to send out a BIG HUG .... so glad you're back. Honestly, I'm looking forward to more "blunt and truthful" ... with it would catch on!


  3. Calling the President of the United States by that derogatory term, as your commenter above did, is disgusting and disrespectful no matter whether you agree with his policies or not. It makes me sad that adults ..I assume "mature" adults can't behave in a decent manner. No wonder our world is so messed up with that kind of behavior from so called grow ups.

  4. I know a lot of people who have been affected by the ACA. A few of them were notified by their health insurance carriers that their insurance was being cancelled. The reason they are cancelling is because they can't afford (don't want to) to meet the requirements of the new law. Like pre-existing conditions, etc. There is NO industry in this country that makes more than the insurance companies. Well, maybe some of the pharmaceuticals... People who can prove that they can't afford health insurance, can easily request and receive government subsidies to make up the difference.

    NOBODY is losing their insurance because of the law. They are losing it because their insurance companies are more interested in profits than in helping people.
    Don't believe what people are saying about this law. Get a copy and read it!

    1. Pat, the folks I talked to lost their insurance policy because it did not meet the minimum requirements of the new law. Specifically, their policies did not include pediatric coverage which is one of the minimum requirements. They were offered a new policy with child coverage but it cost more than their old one and they were still trying to learn why retirees would be compelled to have child coverage. The ACA law is more than 2000 pages long. I have only heard of one person who has actually read the whole thing and she is writing a book about it.

    2. Frank, I have the full ACA document (not in hard copy!) and have been reading it a section at a time. It isn't easy, that's for sure. I agree that there are some really zany provisions in the law, but there is so much misinformation out there, people don't know what to believe. I think your first sentence is pretty much what I was saying. Insurance companies aren't going to help anybody without getting paid for it. They are seeing record breaking profits every year! Everyone that I know, who got one of those letters, found better insurance for less money anyway. There are good things about the law and there are bad things. But I don't see how everybody having health care insurance isn't a good thing in the long run. I guess in a few years we will be able to look back and see how good or bad it really is.

    3. Pat, I have supported anything that will improve our overpriced, limited access health care system. Just look at where the United States sits compared to other industrialized countries in the areas of infant mortality, preventative care for everyone, and most of the other measurements of good health care. If our statistics were displayed without identifying the country, most people would guess they came from the third world.

      I do take exception to a retired couple having to pay for maternity care and pediatric coverage just because those areas were listed as part of a minimum policy. I imagine those kinds of things will be addressed in time. It is a shame that those against ACA can't wait awhile until the bugs are worked out to condemn an honest effort right out of the gate. And I am no fan of big business or big insurance. Somewhere along the way they all seem to lose any sense of morality or ethics and only pay lip service to a narrow definition of what is legal.

  5. Rita - there you are - you start a new blog and it's instantly opened a discussion. Following it with interest.