Monday, January 13, 2014

Doing the happy dance here today.

It is a shame that all of you can not see me just now, because I am doing a happy dance.  Yep, me the only member of my family that literally has no sense of rhythm and two left feet has been dancing around my living room.  

Why you ask?  Believe it or not I have many reasons and you will find them listed below and definitely not in the order of importance.   

  1. The snow is gone and the sun is shinning.  So perhaps I will be able to get out of the house for a while this week. 
  2. There is (at present) not a single commitment on our calendar that involves me for this whole week.  That means no doctors poking at me. No family members in need of a babysitter or chauffeur.  
  3. It's Monday and everyone who lives around us has been able to go back to school, work or what have you. That means there is no loud music coming from the unit next door. No lady across the street yelling at her kids to get out of the street every 10 minutes. The street is not full of parked cars and no volunteers are training at the firehouse which means a quiet neighborhood until school lets out.   
  4. Hubby went to the dentist and the cats are napping so I have the house all to myself for at least an hour or more.  Which means I can adjust the thermostats to my liking and enjoy my hidden chocolate stash without fear hubby will catch me and spoil his diet.  

And lastly, I finally finished this jigsaw puzzle, that has been taking up our entire dining table for the last two weeks, without losing a single piece.  This was one of the hardest puzzles I have done in a while.  I lost count of the hours I invested in it, but, two weeks is too long for one puzzle even when the weather has me bored to tears.  

Now I'm off to see if I can squeeze in a long soak in a hot tub before the world crashes back in on me.  

I hope you your day turns out to be as delightful has mine promises to be.      

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  1. It's nice to have day that totally goes our way! It doesn't happen often, but boy, when it does!