Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow time

Most folks would say that hubby and I keep some strange hours.  And, they would be right.  We both worked graveyard shifts for decades before we met.  We retired about the same time just before our marriage.  No matter how hard we try to keep bankers hours we seem to eventually gravitate back to our old nocturnal habits.  

Yesterday, I managed to force myself out of bed at three in the afternoon only because I knew I had to make a trip to the grocery store.  Our larder had not been restocked since all the Christmas entertaining and things were getting desperate.  I was down to my last tea bag after all.   

Like most grocery stores you enter into the produce section and I was horrified to find the counters mostly empty.  No bananas for me today.  But, when I rounded the corner into the meat dept. and found those cases also empty I knew something was wrong.  Was my store going out of business and I missed getting the message?  I went in hunt of the nearest clerk to inquire and learned that the market had been invaded earlier by hoards of  housewives.  Seems the local TV station (which I had not watched) could talk about nothing else but the current weather forecast.  Apparently, the worst snowstorm in two decades was headed for the midwest and our area was predicted to have twelve inches of new snow by morning. I was about two hours late to participate in the mad scramble and had to settle for the crumbs.

 The only good things that came out of this shopping trip was that I managed to get the last dozen eggs and by getting down on the floor and reaching all the way into the nether regions at the back of the bottom shelf  a lone box of my favorite teabags.  Suffice to say we will be having some rather strange meals in this house for the next few days. 

By midnight, the snow had started and eighteen hours later it is still coming down.  All the neighborhood kids are in hog heaven and I doubt there will be a single yard in town without a snowman.  I have enjoyed sitting at my window taking in all the activity.  I was reminded of my own school days and how my brothers and I worked at building snow forts and all our snowball fights.  Then I remembered something I had seen on Facebook and decided to share it with all of you.  

 Seems three brothers in Minnesota Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz can't stop once they start shoveling snow.  They not only shoveled their driveway but they spent 95 hours over the course of  3.5 weeks collecting the snow from  the yards of  their neighbors  to build a 20 foot tall snow shark.  A shark complete with a double row of sharp teeth and lights that let them glow at night.

This is not the first time these brothers have gotten creative with their shoveling duties.  Last year they build this giant walrus.

And the year before that their first show project was this blowfish.  The brothers are also rather modest it seems.  In an interview with their local paper the brothers claimed they were not artists.  They are Just kids who like playing in the snow.  Well, I have to disagree with them.  This is some pretty spectacular artwork in my book.  

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  1. Yep! They are most certainly artists!
    That is terrible that the weather is so bad that it is greatly affecting they way people live their lives. Not being able to get food is a major problem.
    I can't imagine living through that. Our here a rain storm causes chaos! Good thing it doesn't ever snow or ice up.