Sunday, January 12, 2014

Frozen Geese

I have to admit that between health issues and all the bad weather, I have been housebound more than I would like to be.  Today, we took advantage of the nicer weather to go visit with my Mother.  Mom is eighty-eight now and has just reached the point where she can no longer live alone; so just before Christmas she moved in with my sister.  

Near my sister's house is a city park with a large lake.  Today most of the lake was frozen and hundreds of geese were dotting the ice.  I had left home without my camera and used our smart phone to take the following pictures.  

We gave not had our phone very long and this is the first time I 
have used it. I was surprised at the quality of these photos.  

I was even more amazed when I was able to crop one of the photos
to get this shot of the reflections of the geese on the ice.  


  1. It's something I too appreciate about digital cameras. You see what you see when you take the picture then see different or more when you look at it again at home.

  2. i really enjoy the 2nd shot. geese are interesting birds. ( :

  3. The cameras in our phones are really good these days. What I really like about them is we are never without a camera!