Sunday, January 5, 2014

Murder on the Home Front

About a month ago we had a murder in our neighborhood.  I know who did it but can’t prove it. The police have been no help for the same reason.  Now I am faced with trying to prevent it from happening again.     

One dark chilly evening, hubby and I were returning from a raid on our local Wal-mart when our cat Boo managed to slip out unnoticed while we carried in our loot.  We were not concerned because Boo never strayed far or stayed gone for more than a few minutes. 

When Boo had not returned by the time we had stored away the groceries, hubby when looking for him and continued to make the rounds of his regular haunts   till morning. Shortly after hubby started to knock on doors inquiring about Boo, his body turned up under the tree at the end of our building. Hubby had stood in that same spot several times that night scanning with his searchlight. Someone had placed Boo there not long before he was found.   

RIP Boo 
Our Vet confirmed that Boo had been poisoned. But, by whom?  Our sleuthing began and after a month of inquiries we are certain we have the answer. We also discovered that at least six other cats have been missing long enough to surmise they suffered the same fate as Boo.     

We learned that an elderly spinster lives near us who is well known by the local animal shelter because of the number of cats she has turned in as abandoned. She has apparently been trapping them and dropping them off at the shelter. Recently, the shelter started charging a fee to accept strays. So we believe she has resorted to poison instead.  How do we put a stop to this before every cat in our neighborhood becomes a victim? 

I am currently considering hiding nanny cams all around this wicked witches place. 



  1. I am so sorry that this happened.
    It makes me very sad and VERY angry!
    Again, I'm so sorry that you lost your Boo.

  2. Tho' I've never been "owned" by a feline, I'm so saddened to hear of this turn -- angry, too. 'Wondering if there isn't a grass-roots feline rescue that would support your efforts to catch this witch.
    No doubt, she's a sick, sick individual ... but frankly, I care more about the little creatures' safety than I do her state of mind!